“Media Buy” is about selecting the right media inventories which give advertisers the most reach to the most relevant targeted consumers.

“Audience Buy” is about cherry-pick the right targeted consumers and buy media inventories which are only shown to such targets through programmatic advertising. Audience buy is made possible with trusted consumer data available in a granular form. This new practice would allow advertisers and agencies to launch and measure effective campaigns.

Mobile – we lead the industry with high concentration of third party mobile data (over 70% mobile population coverage) in 12 countries across North America and Asia Pacific.

Trusted Data Partners – we work with trusted partners including credit bureaus, payment companies, and top app developers around the world.

Unique Segments at Scale – our demographic segments are validated, together with sizable consumer interests and purchase intent segments.

Since 2015, when third party data remains desktop or cookies-centric, AlikeAudience has been profiling consumers based on their mobile activities. Today, consumers’ time-spent on mobile has surpassed desktop. We have seen mobile to desktop ratio from 70:30 to as most as 85:15 in certain APAC countries.

Audience segments created from mobile data are more accurate and comprehensive. First, mobile is personal while desktop would be shared within a household, resulting in inconsistent browsing behaviors for a single cookie ID. Second, in addition to browsing behaviors, mobile device generates location data and installed app information, which could be further modeled to match with offline datasets and create comprehensive view of a single person, such as validated demographics, household information, and purchase intent.

AlikeAudience ingests valuable data from data originators in all forms. Then, we cleanse and apply our proprietary data models to process the datasets. They include but not limited to location patterns, in-app activities across time, prediction of next purchase, association of household information with credit profiles.

AlikeAudience’s data partners (originators) come from 6 major categories:

  • Credit Bureaus
  • Payment Gateways and Credit Card Companies
  • App Developers and App Networks
  • Location Data Providers
  • SmartTVs, OTT, and Set-top-box Solution Providers
  • Validated Demographics from Survey and Panels

We are growing the category list and please check back with us from time to time!

In general, AlikeAudience refreshes audience segments on a bi-weekly basis.

For programmatic advertising use, AlikeAudience segments are available across major DSPs, including Google Marketing Platform (DoubleClick Bid Manager), The Trade Desk, AppNexus, Oath, Amobee/Turn; and marketing clouds, including Nielsen, Lotame. If your preferred DSP or marketing cloud is not on the above list, please contact our us for integration arrangement.

For other enterprise applications, such as market research, business intelligence and analytics, please contact us for custom integration.

Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, Vietnam

AlikeAudience creates audience segments based on the raw data which associates with mobile advertising IDs (IDFA and ADID). However, on media buying perspective, you may also utilize AlikeAudience’s segments to reach the same audience on all forms of media inventory, including desktop web, mobile web, and mobile in-app , subject to the cross-device service availability of our partnered DSPs.

If your purpose is reaching out to audiences on a specific app, you can simply buy media of that app through your DSP.

If you would like to reach audiences, who has installed a specific app, across multiple web and app inventory, then you may utilize AlikeAudience’s app interest segments. For example, “Android App Install Sports” covers all audiences who have installed sports app(s).

This is one of many advantages of “Audience Buy”!

Yes! In additional to target people who use specific brands, AlikeAudience can empower your targeting with people who use competing brands. This strategy would give you a comprehensive campaign with great business impact.

To target a historical event, AlikeAudience would match the event location (in latitude and longitude) with all mobile devices happened to appear within the approximate location in that specific event time. For example, NBA Final 2018 at Oracle Arena, we look for devices which appeared nearby (37.7511, -122.2013) during the event time.

However, AlikeAudience does not support live event or future event targeting, which we believe this feature is already available on major DSPs through real-time geo-fencing.

AlikeAudience processes non personal identifiable information (non-PII) only, which are collected with users’ consent for third party advertising and analytics purposes. We also provide opt-out instructions and have taken practices as required by GDPR and local privacy laws. For further details, please refer to: https://www.alikeaudience.com/privacy-policy.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries

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