Boost Ad targeting efficiency by using AlikeAudience‘s Unparalleled Stay-at-Home segments! 

Our newly available Stay-At-Homeaudience segments are built according to IAB app categories. Segments include people who are buying different products or servieswhile staying at and/or working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic. They are based on the below criteria during the past 180 days: 

  • Mobile Data Usage
  • Home Location
  • Respective Timestamps
  • Changes in APP installs
  • POI  


Why AlikeAudience?

  • Mobile First Audience Data
  • Customizable Data
  • Scaled Data Pool of 12 countries
  • Trusted Data meeting Global Privacy and Personal Information Compliance
  • Proven Track Record of Worldwide Partnerships


Our Highlighted Segments:

  • Buy Grocery Online
  • Takeaway
  • Movies at Home
  • Buy Apparel Online
  • And more…  

How can stay-at-home segments target the right customers

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