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  • AlikeAudience has been wonderful to work with. Not only does AlikeAudience meet The Trade Desk’s stringent privacy standards, but also delivers strong integration with data match rates of up to 99% that are important to targeting success. By providing global, high-performing audience segments at scale, AlikeAudience is an important partner to advance our business objectives.

    Emma Tapper, Manager of Data Partnerships at The Trade Desk

  • AlikeAudience goes above and beyond to deliver data-driven marketing that transforms our digital strategy.

    Koyi Wu, Digital Business Director, OMD Media Agency

  • Our partnership with AlikeAudience has been indispensable. With vast data capabilities and a truly innovative customer service spirit, AA is an audience data company with remarkable ad tech expertise across industries.

    Head of Business Development of Leading Global Payments and Technology Company.

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Successfully boosted brand awareness and drove website traffic that resulted in new customers.

21% Return on Advertising spend (ROAS) in campaign metrics vs. controls
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Successfully targeted a niche audience with massive increase in customer engagement and conversions.

300% Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) in campaign metrics vs. controls
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Drove massive digital acquisitions and nearly doubled Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

40% ROAS in campaign target metrics vs. industry benchmark
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Privacy First is how we built AlikeAudience. Our business is based on privacy models to prepare for the future of Big Data. We work only with trusted data partners and consumer-consented data that are fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Our data is not only in line with leading regulations, but also used for the sole purpose of relevant advertising and analytics. When it comes to data, AlikeAudience is uncompromising in our standards and processes to protect consumer privacy:
Differential Privacy

No Personally identifiable information (PII)s

End-to-End Encryption
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