Convert your data into actionable audiences and insights, and allow marketers to reach them programmatically and at scale.

AlikeAudience connects data owners with thousands of marketers and brands, allowing you to monetize your valuable assets, gain visibility and convert new sustainable revenue streams.


AlikeAudience has been partnering with worldwide Credit Bureau since 2016, and our co-branded presence since then has expanded into Hong Kong, Japan and Australia. Experian onboarded data is derived from attitudinal and consumer classification research, in the form of surveys and studies, conducted on a regular basis. These give an indication of consumers’ attitudes, purchasing habits, preferences and behaviors, which are then modeled and mapped to AlikeAudience’s mobile IDs using shared household locations.


AlikeAudience and Transaction Data Owner’s relationship commenced in 2015 when AlikeAudience was selected by the owner as a data onboarding partner in the United States. In 2017, the data owner launched a strategic initiative to prioritize monetization of data assets in Asia – namely, purchase and payments data from the plethora cards issued in the region. On the back of a strong foundational relationship and track record developed in the Americas since 2015, AA was invited join hands with Data owner as a Day-1/Tier-1 onboarding partner in Asia.

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