Here’s an opportunity to find the uplift in your audience targeting strategy, you can test the AlikeAudience Stay-At-Home / Work-From-Home Mobile Audience Segments for free* 

By using AlikeAudience‘s free trial, you can 

  • boost the ROL of targeted digital marketing campaigns
  • look for potential customers
  • collaborate with the newest players in town

How does the free trial work?  

  1. Register the free trial using the link
  2. Receive confirmation from AlikeAudience
  3. AlikeAudience will set up the audience segments in Google DV360
  4. Run, optimize and conclude your campaign
  5. Share the agreed campaign data with AlikeAudience after 2-4 weeks
  6. AlikeAudience will analyze the campaign data and share the case study with you 


  • Media Budget: USD 10K+
  • Campaign duration: at least 2 weeks
  • Share the campaign data with AlikeAudience
  • Get in touch for questions




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