Wyeth Nutrition – a premium-quality nutritional products scientifically-designed to meet the needs of infants and young children, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers. 


  • Increase on-target reach to parents with newborn babies
  • Drive signups for Formula Milk Powder sample


  • Via AlikeAudience’s Audience Intelligence Platform (AIP), we brought in validated demographics information (Female 25-35yrs) to match with Wyeth Nutrition’s brand position of its premium milk powder product. With the high accuracy of On-target Reach percentage (OTP), the client has reduced wastage on spending on irrelevant audiences.
  • Our AIP has also identified lookalike new parents by consumers’ offline journey (visits to parenting seminars, stores, and clinics).
  • Activiate device-level granularity data including validated demographics, location-based, and purchase intent based audience segments on Google DoubleClick Bid Manager DSP for display and mobile media campaign execution.


  • 10x conversion rate uplift
  • 77% lower cost per acquisition 
  • Successfully extended reach and engagement with a very niche group of target customers – new parents.

Do you know On-target Reach Percentage (OPT)?

OTP is a parameter to measure how accurate a campaign has reached a specific audience. AlikeAudience OTP Demographics (Age and Gender) segments score over 70% accuracy after testing against user-declared demographics on social media and a rating company. More

  1.  Tested and validated Age and Gender segments
  2.  High confidence to reach the right demographics BEFORE campaign launch
  3.  Most used by FMCG and CPG marketers and brand awareness campaigns 


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