A very top notch luxury watch brand


  • Enrich the persona of existing customers
  • Reach out to high net worth consumers and top spenders in luxury


  • Via AlikeAudience’s Audience Intelligence Platform (AIP), we detailed the persona for the client with AlikeAudience-Experian Mosaic data. AIP segments wealthy audiences with annual income over USD $125k and residing in premium property locations.
  • AIP also found lookalike audiences based on purchase intent in luxury, watches, and jewellery.
  • Activiate device-level granularity data including branded data (AlikeAudience-Experian) and purchase intent based audience segments on Google DoubleClick Bid Manager DSP for mobile, rich media, and display media campaign execution.


  • 30% incremental customer engagements
  • Successfully grew the brand awareness from the very niche group of target audiences – very wealthy and top spenders in luxury

Do you know Experian Mosaic?

AlikeAudience and Experian have created the geo-demographic segments (aka Mosaic) by combining AlikeAudience’s device location data, and Experian’s household credit and economical characteristics data. For example, “Global Elite” consists of audiences who come with these characteristics: age between 25-44, highest household incomes, large amount of living space, likely to speak English, and private car to work.

  1.  Real and anonymised consumer economical and credit information
  2.  Granular to device level
  3.  Available for enhancing customer understands and targeted marketing


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