A popular camera manufacturing corporation


  • Reach audiences interested in photography
  • Achieve a cost-per-click (CPC) goal of $1.00 or less
  • Optimize future marketing campaigns by reviewing performance data on current approaches


  • The camera brand was originally targeting sophisticated photographers.
  • Via AlikeAudience’s Audience Intelligence Platform (AIP), we combine third-party data to spot on those consumers who behaves lookalike to the brand’s existing customers. They are Pet Lovers, Leisure Travellers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts.
  • Activiate device-level granularity data including interest-based and purchase intent based audience segments on Trade Desk’s DSP for display and mobile media campaign execution.


  • Tested global and local data providers simultaneously to determine AlikeAudience the best data partner to meet the client’s goals.
  • Exceeded $1.00 CPC goal with an average CPC of $0.97 through the use of Alike Audience AIP.
  • Determined the best-performing data segments to increase consumer reach and engagement, and to better optimise future campaigns.

Do you know Lookalike Audiences?

AlikeAudience uses marketers’ first party data as a “SEED” to augment more relevant consumers in the market, not only limited to Facebook, but also other media channels, programmatic display, video, OTT, and even audio.

  1.  Identify Missed-out Consumer Groups
  2.  Scale up Campaign Reach
  3.  Optimise Budget on RELEVANT Audiences

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