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How Consumer Brand Marketers Succeed with On-target Percentage (OTP) Demographics


How OTP at Work Today

On-target Percentage (OTP) is a benchmark for digital marketers to measure the campaign effectiveness in reaching intended audiences. For instance, 70% OTP of “Gender – Male” stands for 70% of the audiences that a campaign has reached is Male.

Marketers’ current practise is to run campaigns and get rating reports from the leading Measurement companies. Nielsen Digital Ad Rating is one of the common measurement in OTP Age and Gender. On average, digital campaigns achieved 50% OTP Age and Gender according to a Nielsen report in late 2016.


How to Improve OTP for Campaigns

For consumer brands, especially CPG and FMCG marketers, brand building campaigns often reach out to mass audience. If a $1million budgeted rich-media campaign has achieved only 50% OTP of the intended age group 25-29, it implied that half a million dollar were spent on off-target audiences. What a wastage!

Even worse, marketers do not know which exact half of those audiences is falling into on-target and which other half is off-target. This makes marketer’s lives even harder to plan on future campaigns.

To increase OTP and campaign effectiveness, marketers need to create a list of audiences with high OTP on the media planning stage PRIOR to campaign kick-off.


AlikeAudience Validated OTP Audiences

AlikeAudience creates OTP demographic segments based on user-declared, inferred, and observed information.

First, user-declared age and gender are highly valuable and accurate information but it rarely comes in scale. Then, AlikeAudience’s engineering team projects and grows the OTP Age and Gender segments with the inferred and observed information, which include user behaviours in app and devices, location visits, past purchase, etc. By combining the mix of data sources, AlikeAudience offers OTP Age and Gender segments with high accuracy and scalability for media execution.

Our Data Strategist has tested and validated our OTP demographic segments in campaigns with the measurement company’s rating reports. Our predefined OTP Age and Gender segments have achieved 75% OTP on average. This stands for our high confidence in helping brand marketers to reach out to precise audience demographics across mobile devices.


Succeed with OTP Age and Gender

The OTP Age is divided into 11 age brackets. Together with the OTP Gender segments, they are now available in 8 countries: United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

Please reach out to our Data Strategist to access OTP Age and Gender across major DSP partners.

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